dddddddd 2021-09-08T13:23:24+0530 Open Journal Systems <div class="description"> <p>llll</p> </div> Rights of Prisoners against custodial torture in India 2021-09-08T13:14:16+0530 PRATIK KUMAR <p>The relationship between prisoners and human rights has always been erratic. There always have been conflicting opinions on the position about whether the prisoners are entitled to human rights or not. Some people have the opinion that, when a person becomes deviant and commits a crime, he should be deprived of all his rights. However, others are of the opinion that some rights remain vested in a person even after commission of a crime by that person. There are certain basic rights which the prisoners are entitled to which safeguard them from some abhorrent practices. One such detestable practice is ‘Torture’ which is used against the prisoners and under-trials to get confessions from them about a particular event.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 A STUDY OF PROVISION FOR CHILD EDUCATION UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AND NATIONAL POLICY OF INDIA 2021-09-08T13:18:12+0530 Sriparna Jindal <p>The education system does not function in isolation from the society of which it is a part.The present paper attempts to”: (a) “Understand the Indian perspective on child's right to education,(b) Analyse the feasibility of RTE and highlight the challenges in its implementation in India, (c) Present Case Studies to describe the present Indian scenario in education for the marginalised children in two progressive states of India that have the potential to show a way for the rest of the country. In this study, the common issues are: attitudinal barriers, lack of awareness of the legal provisions and subsequent schemes, accessibility of schools being meager, lack of necessary infrastructure, lack of and retention of trained staff adaptation of curriculum and materials and lack of control systems. Though India has taken ownership for inclusive education by establishing legal provisions through the RTE, several issues continue to be faced. While many innovative programmes have been initiated, a stronger partnership between the government and the common man together is what is required to bring about the desired difference”.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 HUMAN RIGHT OF PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DISABLED PEOPLE IN INDIA 2021-09-08T13:20:14+0530 Sakshi Rewaria <p>Human Rights in India is an issue entangled by the nation's extensive size and populace, across the board neediness, absence of appropriate instruction and its assorted culture, despite the fact that being the world's biggest sovereign common, majority rule republic. The Constitution of India accommodates Fundamental rights, which incorporate opportunity of religion and different arrangements for the right to speak freely and additionally detachment of official and legal and flexibility of development inside the nation and abroad. The nation has a free legal and also bodies to investigate issues of human rights.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 THE ROLE OF MEDIATION IN SETTLING THE FAMILY DISPUTS IN INDIA 2021-09-08T13:23:24+0530 APURVA <p>Family plays a crucial role in any community or society. A family is an association as well as an institution. Not only economic needs but also, more importantly, the emotional needs of the members are taken care of in the family. Today, divorces and disputes over property inheritance are proliferating like never before. The reasons may vary from economic conditions to professional problems and psychological imbalances. It is important for the society to devise means of protecting the family and also preventing and resolving the disputes that could damage and destroy the delicate fabric of the family. The author suggests conciliation and mediation for the resolution of these disputes as these mechanisms offer multifaceted resolution advantages like objectivity, due focus on the issues, neutrality and independence. A detailed doctrinal study has been carried out in order to write this research paper.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021